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What we do and why

Seafare Systems is a software development company based on PEI, Canada. We specialize in the creation of custom technology solutions and software products for the Fishing, Seafood Buying and Processing industries. We recognize that the unique business and operational challenges of these industries sometimes require more than an off-the-shelf solution. We have experience working with fishers, buyers and processors of varying sizes and complexity and with a variety of species. We understand more than just the technology and can work with you to find solutions that will work for you, whatever the challenge.


Seafood Buyer's System

Accountability Software for your seafood buying business

This software manages all of the details of your raw product, tracking information like deliveries, deductions, payments and fisher data. Having all of your information in one place allowing you to generate electronic T4's and ROE's and submit directly to CRA. Completely online so that you can access your data from anywhere.

Custom Software Solutions

Built-in directly for your needs

We provide custom software solutions for any seafood industry activities. Some examples are accounting software, traceability, Quality Control and more.

Seafood Processor's System

Developed with and for seafood processors of various regional species, the Seafood Processor's System is a serious inventory management and production traceability system. Know where every unit of inventory is, from fresh in holding, frozen in your freezers and finished product that has been shipped to your customers. Integrate and automate your quality forms and monitor your entire operation within the system.


Respond to more rigorous and stringent product tracking guidelines by having a reporting suite at your finger tips that can show you all of your product in, processed and shipped with detail.


Identify your customer buying patterns and more effectively plan your production per day.


Our solutions will make your processes more efficient and streamlined. We would love to talk to you! Email us at info@seafaresystems.com for more information

Still More

We come from the industry and are eager to help provide value to your business without the massive fees that come along with large software projects.

Complete Web-Based Software

Fishing Industry Specific Accounting Software

Custom Solutions


Processing Traceability

Industry Knowledge